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5 Ways to Get Your Yoga Mojo Back

Kate Foster

It feels pretty great when you’re completely in the yoga groove, doesn’t it? Going to regular classes without fail, nailing that daily practice when you wake up or before you go to bed … hell yeah, that’s floooooow. But equally, it can feel distinctly ‘meh’ when you lose momentum and your yoga mojo goes AWOL. Whether it’s down to illness, a holiday or a large glass of sauvignon looking like a more appealing prospect than 7pm yoga after a rough day… that break in routine can wreak havoc on your yojo.

So, when you’re struggling to get back on the mat (or even get on it on the first place if you’re a beginner who’s feeling a bit of resistance and most of us have been there), what do you do? Stick with us, because here are our 5 top tips for getting your yoga mojo back:

  • Start small. Promise yourself just 5 minutes on the mat, either stretching out or lying in savasana or doing whatever, because any time on the mat counts. Don’t beat yourself up for not ‘achieving’ much - it’s not about that. It’s about showing up.
  • Branch out. If you like classes (or even if you don’t), try a brand new class, just for the hell of it. Get sweaty at a hot Bikram class or give Yin a go. Whatever you try, just treat it as a fun experiment with no real expectations. You never know, you might just find a brand new yoga passion!
  • Get curious. This is a nice one if you have a mat at home. Allot yourself a bit of time - 10 minutes, 30 minutes, an hour, whatever - and just get curious. Forget about learned poses and sequences, just see what feels good and listen to what your body wants to do. Maybe you’ll want to play with gravity and immerse yourself in feeling grounded versus balancing. Or perhaps you’ll spend 20 minutes being fascinated by your feet and really getting to know how and where they flex. Any time spent getting to know your body is time well spent and you can always learn something.
  • Set yourself a challenge. If you’re a very focussed type, you might find that setting yourself a challenge motivates you. It could be to spend 30 minutes on the mat every day for a week, or to spend two weeks finally nailing crow pose. It might even be as basic (but just as impressive) as getting yourself to one class if you’ve been feeling reluctant about it. It doesn't matter what you challenge yourself to, just remember to give yourself credit.
  • Get organised. There’s something about having a super-organised drawer of yoga clothes (rather than a tangled mass of leggings), having a neat and tidy little corner for your yoga props or finally getting a vest to match your yoga pants that can make you feel more yogi. So if your yoga stuff’s in a bit of disarray, whip it into shape and notice how much more inclined to practice you feel as a result!
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