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New yoga class 101

Kate Foster

September's just about here and for many of us, that means a new yoga class term. But what if you're starting a new class this September and feeling less than confident about it? Fear not—we got you. Here's your 101 on new yoga classes, to have you feeling more 'ommmm' than 'eeeek!':

  • Choose your class with care: don't be afraid to ask loads of questions of your new teacher in advance - any good instructor will be happy to chat things through with you, so you know exactly what to expect. 
  • Divulge in advance: there's that bit at the beginning of the class when you're invited to share any ailments or health issues with the instructor... and sometime's it's like tumbleweed. Or a long and boring monologue from someone about their broken leg in 1997. If you're anything like me, you probably don't want to tell the world about your groin strain or IBS. But it's important your instructor knows, so arrive early and tell them one-to-one before you're on your mats or email in advance if it's sensitive.
  • Dress for comfort (success is so last year): Honestly. Wear what you can comfortably move in, that won't ride up or expose your midriff, mid-downdog (unless you want to, of course). And remember your socks for ultimate shavasana cosiness and a warm top or sweat for after.
  • Nix the caffeine, limit the lunch: we all know that yoga is best on a fairly empty stomach, so try to leave a good few hours before that are food-free. Hydrate all you like but lay off the caffeine. You're about to get a natural high in any case.
  • Be you: I hate walking into rooms of people I don't know, especially if Lycra clothing is involved, because I fear being judged. But no-one is better at being you than you, so bring your most you self to your class. The mat doesn't judge. And most likely, neither does anyone else.
  • Practice like no-one's watching (and mind your own business): my absolute worst habit is comparing what's happening on my mat to what's happening on others. Because the truth is, what's happening on your mat is all that matters to you and the only darned thing that's any of your business (and no-one else's, by the way). So don't even give a thought to how you poses look and get carried away by the deliciousness of how they feel. THAT is the yoga holy grail, right there.
  • Be curious: you're here to learn—not just from your instructor, but from your body. Let go of all of your 'should's and 'can't's and 'wants' and instead, ask your body—persistently—'what if?' 

Happy new yoga term, everyone, and namaste. If you fancy a little treat to make your first class sweeter, take 10% off your next order with code NEWTERM10. Valid til 30 September 2018. Click here to shop!



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