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The beginner's journey: Q&A with Heidi Gardner

Kate Foster

Tags relaxation, yoga, yoga beginner, yoga challenge, yoga classes

The beginner's journey: Q&A with Heidi Gardner

"I wanted something to challenge me and something that would push me out of my comfort zone." 

Our Aberdonian Baddassador Heidi shares her beginner's yoga story with us and reveals why her regular class is like a second family and how relaxation has been one of her greatest challenges yet!

Challenge yo' Badd self: Q&A with Louise Fury

Kate Foster

Tags asana, instagram, yoga, yoga challenge


I like challenges because I like structure and having a bit of a schedule." 

Louise Fury is one of Badd Karma’s Baddassadors and yes, you guessed it, she is a beautiful badass. Lose yourself in her Instagram feed and you’ll see why. By day she’s a piercing artist extraordinaire but she’s just as devoted to her daily yoga practice. I’ve always loved her willingness to play, experiment and challenge herself (isn’t that what yoga - and wait, LIFE - is all about?). I asked Louise to tell us about how she’s achieved so much on the mat in just a short space of time...