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Take your practice on holiday!

Kate Foster

When you're building a yoga practice, holidays can sometimes stick an oar in matters. Gone is your usual routine—whether that's an early practice as you roll out of bed or your regular after-work class—only to be replaced by sun (hopefully), sleep and good food.

That's why taking your practice for a little holiday can be such a good thing. But don't be daunted! Your practice may look a little different when you're away from home—and that's the best thing of all. Use the break from the norm to play and be curious. Here are a few ideas to help you keep it up while taking your downtime:

  • Promise yourself just a little chunk of time each day on holiday to devote to your practice. 10 minutes, half an hour, an hour... whatever feels good and manageable to you.
  • Take advantage of the change of scene to change things up on your mat, too. Try a new flow (make it up! follow what feels good) or focus on one part of your body only and go into deep exploration with all the curiosity and non-judgement of a child.
  • You can also use this time to focus in on one pose that you find especially challenging—or mastering grounding, fundamental poses like downward-facing dog, mountain pose or child's pose even better. Time in these poses is never wasted.
  • Feeling sociable? Try a local yoga class and see where it takes you. Feeling less sociable? Try yoga somewhere different, like a beach, forest or field.
  • No mat? No problem. If you're travelling light, just use a beach towel as a mat or focus on sitting and standing poses that need less grip.
  • And finally, don't forget breath and relaxation! Holidays can be stressful at times, so use your yoga practice to support you every day and come back refreshed. Happy holidays!

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