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Q: What do you get when you mix a love of yoga with a wordplay obsession, a load of attitude and an itch to create something meaningful? 

A: Badd Karma, a clothing brand for real-life, badass yogis—no matter what stage of their yoga journey they're at.

What started out as a bit of fun soon became a fully-fledged brand when founder Kate started telling people about her idea and scoring tons of positive feedback. She saw that she was onto something and made it into reality. 

You see, Kate had noticed that the internet is full of images of very bendy yogis in incredible locations, but very few of those yogis that look a little more, well, real. As a not-all-that-bendy (she's working on it, OK?) yogi, Kate wanted to redress the balance. Badd Karma aims to do exactly that: to celebrate all abilities and aesthetics on the yoga mat, to empower the unsure and to represent people who don’t necessarily fall into the typical yogi mould.

The first collection, the EMPOWER collection, is out soon.