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Meet the Baddassadors


We’re always on the lookout for badasses who champion Badd Karma, spread the word about what we're trying to achieve and inspire others in their yoga practice. They might be yoga teachers, regular yogis or people who are just starting their yoga journey but want to share it.

After a huge response to the first call for Baddassadors, we've closed applications until June. But until then... Drumroll, please. Allow us to introduce our amazing Badd Karma Baddassadors!

Lydia Mansi, Devon

So, aged 16, I got a yoga book out of the library and starred practising in my garden hoping the hot guy next door would notice. True story. Soon I realised it was helping with my exam anxiety, body confidence.... and it bagged me the man. Fast forward through uni finals, money worries, heartbreak, and the loss of my parents and yoga has been my go to place. My safe place. It centres me and strengthens me and I completely love it. Vinyasa flow is my jam, I like how it challenges my body so that my mind can't focus on anything else.

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Kelly Rouane, South Yorkshire

My yoga tourney is still relatively new. I haven’t mastered headstands yet, I always look slightly off kilter in a yoga pose, and I take very VERY questionable selfies. I got into yoga thanks to a fellow runner. My initial thought was "hell no", but that first lesson changed my life. The instructor talked to us in a proper Barnsley accent, had no problems when I fell off the mat and she never, ever laughed at me. Yoga is part of my life now and my daily routine. Am I good at it? Barely. Am I likely to start a motivational Instagram page with beautiful pictures of me in a meadow? Not bloody likely. Am I the worlds best tryer? Absolutely.

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Jenny O'Sullivan, Hertfordshire

I first started yoga classes in my early 20s. I went along to weekly classes and immediately fell in love with it. I stopped for a few years when I moved to London and then abroad but rediscovered yoga again in my late 20s, then went to pregnancy yoga classes. These led to active birth classes, which enabled me to have two ace home births. Later, I discovered running and this took over all of my exercise time, especially when marathon training. It definitely took a toll on my body in many bad ways. I knew I should be returning to yoga and I finally booked myself in for some classes. I'm working my way through my yoga frustrations (very bad upper body strength, weak shoulders, tightened leg muscles) to feel stronger than I ever have. After many, many years of not quite getting there, I finally managed a crow pose a couple of weeks ago, and I'm not sure I've ever felt so proud of myself.

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Louise Fury, London

I got really bored with the gym a few years ago and started taking notice of the Instagram yoga scene. I was in awe of arm balances and how amazing people looked. I had tried yoga in the past, but the classes moved quickly and I didn't know what to do. I decided to try a small local class and fell totally in love. I then signed up for a 30 day YouTube challenge and it turned into an everyday habit. Yoga has made over my body and self-esteem. Sometimes I spend hours on my mat and work till I am exhausted, some days I have a good stretch. Every little counts. I fell in love with arm balances from my first face plant in crow. I worked hard to build up a shit ton of strength and kept on going. I began handstanding at 38 after never doing one in my life before. I've been aiming to do one every day for the last year and it's been a big accomplishment for me.

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Heidi Gardner, Aberdeen

2016 was a year to challenge myself so I started to go to hot yoga classes. I LOVED it and came home each week feeling like a serious badass. Then I stopped for a while because of some personal issues and when I went back the people in the class kept me going—they took me in like family. I’m just proud that I kept going and I’m proud of the people I met there who dragged me along until I could get up on my own again.

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Emma Mardell, Essex

My own yoga journey started when I was a child. I continued with yoga through adult life and four pregnancies. Four years ago, I became a Learning Support Assistant at a primary school and noticed the anxiety and stress levels of kids doing their SATS, so I’ve started up yoga classes for the kids at my school. I want to bring the gift of yoga to as many children as I can so they can lead a calm, balanced and happy childhood and perhaps plant a seed for taking yoga into their adulthood.

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Gonny von Hulst, London

I never considered being menopausal because I never stopped to think about how old I was, really. My motto in life has always been ‘never grow up’! Still young at heart and rebellious, but when the Big M kicked in it brought depression and aches and pains. Confused about what was happening to my body and mind, my daughter suggested I try yoga and when I found the courage to sign up for classes, I never looked back. I’m still in the early stages of my practice, but yoga has become a necessity in my daily life. The yoga mat is my sanctuary, it allows me to find strength, both physically and emotionally. So, when it comes to yoga, age doesn’t matter. We are all amazing… We are all badasses!

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Helen Rogers, London

I started years ago with a Geri Halliwell yoga DVD! It looked fun and I thought it might be good for weight loss, but I found out it was a whole lot more. Nowadays, yoga is part of keeping me sane. I love that yoga shows me what my body can do, how my body and mind come together. Some days I impress myself, but some days it’s all about the yoga nidra!

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Maddie Norris, Somerset

Yoga has given me a way to celebrate myself for who I am. I started yoga at uni while studying sports therapy and when I graduated I wanted to combine my love of yoga with coaching, so training to teach made perfect sense. I’m excited to share the power of yoga with anyone and everyone who’s willing to try it and I’m forever grateful that I’m able to do this and make people feel good about themselves.

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Simon Norcutt, Brighton

The moment that I realised how my body reacts to outside mental stresses was one of my biggest yoga epiphanies. The moment I started to feel my back tighten up having had a stressful confrontation at work... I realised that the body reacts to different situations in different ways. Yoga helped me be more open to this concept, linking the physical with mental wellbeing. 

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