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So you wanna be a Baddassador?

We'll be honest: we're building a Badassadors programme because we believe that real-life badass yogis are one of the most effective ways to reach other real-life badass yogis. But that's not all.

We want to stay tuned in to what the badasses of the yoga mat think, feel, fear, love, experience. We want your feedback so that we can do what we do as well as humanly possible.

We want to big up real life people on their own yoga journeys to inspire the people who are beginning theirs—because let's face it, it won't be one of those Instagram yoga-at-sunset shots that does that.

We want to promote a culture of generosity and inclusivity around yoga: if you're an instructor, that could mean offering the occasional free class place if you can; if you're a regular yogini it could mean sharing your practice with a friend or just speaking honestly about your yoga experience. Or you might want to gift someone a spot at your next class. 

And we want to grow, so that we can work towards our five-year target of being sustainable enough to donate 50% or more of our profits to social inclusion causes. You can help.

How the baddassador programme works

It's where karmic principles come to life—basically, we help each other and the world becomes immeasurably brighter. We'll send you a couple of Badd Karma garments (samples and items from the main collections) over the course of the year and we'll feature you and your website/social presences on our website (in a short profile based on the yoga story you told us) and some of our Facebook and Instagram posts. Oh, and if you want to buy something specific from the Badd Karma web store, baddassadors get a chunky 25% discount.

We ask you to:

  • Follow us on Facebook and Instagram and share our posts if you ever feel like it
  • Tell your friends! You can even offer them a discount code (email me and I'll send the magic word)
  • Tell the world you're a Badd Karma baddassador in your social profiles
  • If you like it, put a filter on it: dig your Badd Karma gear? Tag us in your social media posts and spread the love. And give us specific feedback if you have it!
  • Use your voice (whether that's social media, blogging, word of mouth, your yoga classes, singing in the shower, whatever...) to tell people about the social good we do. This is close to our hearts and we want people to know we're serious
  • If you're a yoga instructor, we'd love it if you paid it forward by offering the odd free spot at one of your classes to someone who might not usually be able to afford it—tell us if we can help match you up with someone, or promote your classes generally
  • Wear your Badd Karma gear loud and proud whenever you can. We think you'll feel better for it

Still up for it? Let us know. Just holla our way, confirming your commitment and telling us your social handles, dress size (tops only) and postal address. Oh, and we'll need a picture of your lovely face too. We'll do the rest.

Finally, we'll review things every year, so you're not locked in. If you ever decide it's not for you, that's cool too.

Future plans for the Baddassadors programme include a Facebook group as the community grows, so you can support each other and make new badass yoga friends all over the place AND a yearly event, the Baddassadors Reception. It'll be Fererro Rocher themed and very, very kitsch. Stay tuned.

Namaste, badasses.